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Earth's Daughters (E.D.) is a feminist literary arts periodical published by a multi-generational women's collective in Buffalo, New York. We receive and publish poetry and prose from all over the United States and abroad. If you are interested in submitting your poems or short stories or flash fiction to E.D., please consult our Guidelines for Submissions page.

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#87: Taste

6"x9" 42 pages.
Good, bad, salty, sweet, spicy, bitter-sweet, Proust's madeleines and beyond.
Work by Susan Deer Cloud, Linda Nemec Foster, Michael RIley, Edith Haendel Schwartz, Marge Piercy, and others.
Cover: Denise Sperry, You've Got the Beet, watercolor
#86: Shift

6"x9". 60 pages.
Appear, disappear; Up, down; Side-step; Misstep; Confound
Work by Ruth Moon Kempher, David Landrey, Lyn Lifshin, Marge Piercy, David Radavitch, Carol Tyx, and others.
Cover: Kateri René Ewing, Murder of Crows (watercolor, 2015). Photo of Murder of Crows, Courtesy: Miebohm Gallery, East Aurora, NY
#85: Small Things

6"x9". 48 pages.
From insects to dollhouses, small minds, tiny words, and more. Work by Eleanor Berry, Susana Case, Rebekah Keaton, Lyn Lifshin, Terry Martin, Rick Smith and others. Cover art courtesy of NASA, ESA, and A NOTA (STScl/ESA)
#84: Light

6" x 9", 60 pp.
Visual light, light one sees, or transcendence, or light verse, or light as in weight (opposite of heavy) With work by Bache-Snyder, Berry, Crooker, Lee, Howd Machan, Whitehead, Wiley, and Zuckerman, and more. Cover Art: Norine Spurling (Trio of Bathers, watercolor)

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Earth's Daughters is indexed in Humanities International Complete (formerly American Humanities Index)

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